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We are both True Crime addicts. We talk about a few great documentaries on Netflix.  First up Making A Murderer Season 2. We discussed guilt or innocence. The bizarre investigation. Brendan Dassey's confession. Also never have a lawyer that works with the prosecution AND wears high-water pants..It's unbelievable how many blogs and podcasts take on this subject. It is a fascinating case. We do not want to forget Theresa Halbach, the young woman that was murdered. 

Then we go onto The Staircase. I saw the trial on Court TV in dribs and drabs..BTW Court TV will be back in May. Did Michael Peterson murder his wife or did she really just trip and fall down the stairs. He's quite the character. Its got 13 episodes but its worth the watch. They were known as having the "perfect" marriage and they never fought. No one really knows what goes on in a marriage. The prosecution said the motive was Kathleens Insurance Policy (they were experiencing money problems) and her finding out that night that Michael was trying to arrange trysts with men. Peterson said Kathleen knew about his bi-sexuality. If you see the crazy amount of blood in the hallway it's hard to imagine she was not bludgeoned. A new theory came to light...an owl did it. It's filled with twists and turns. 

​Finally we talk Amanda Knox. We both agreed she's a cold kinda gal but does that make her a murderer? Her documentary is only one part..
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Grace and Michelle xoxo
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