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We talk to Lauren Wellbank about her Huffington Post Article, I Went Back To My Abuser After A Week. :This Is Why Its So Hard To Get Out For Good. Lauren talks openly about her relationship with her abuser. They were friends first, then they fell in love with each other. Hear how it went from a smack in the face while in a car, to being strangled. Prior to leaving him, no one knew she was being abused which is not unusual. You want to protect the abuser because you love them, its gonna get better, it'll never happen again. There is also the embarrassment of people knowing you stay with your abuser. It could never happen to someone like her, or you.  Yes it could. After 7 days of his pleading and promises she went back to him. It was all Daisys and rainbows for a while, then boom. She was lucky to get out. She never went back. She told us the average number of times it takes a woman to get out of a relationship...7 times. Did she get a restraining order. The answer to this question was not what we expected. Give a listen. Lots to learn and beware of men who want to cut you off from friends and families, criticize what you wear because he thinks its too sexy and is all around controlling.
Thanks so much to Lauren for coming onto the show. We want to thank her for her honesty.  Lauren is now writing a book about her experience.
We most of all want to thank our listeners. You are the best.
Grace and Michelle

As a P.S. I want to apologize for cutting into Michelles question (you can't miss it) She never said anything about it so I am. Bad Grace!! Truly I'm not a Brunhilda. My other podcast I'm the only host so I must remember My Belle is there. 

Laurens article.  

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