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Michelle and I are true crime buffs. I started watching The Act on Hulu. Loved it, I had also seen the HBO documentary. I told Michelle about it and she watched the documentary. This is a very sad and bizarre case. Michelle says Gypsy scares her. I say he needs tons of mental health counseling when she's released from prison. Gypsy has now lived in two controlled environments. How will she deal with it without counseling. Gypsy is also engaged and plans to be married and have children when she is released into her knight in Shining Armor's arms. Was there a way out for Gypsy besides murdering the crazy Dee Dee?? 

Michelle after watching Gypsy documentary then watched There's Something Wrong With Aunt Diane. Thats another heartbreaking documentary. If you don't know about that case be prepared for anger and tears. Grab a cup of coffee or wine  and join us for a listen.

Thanks to our listeners. You are the best!!
Grace and Michelle. 

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