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ts just the broads and we dish on R.Kelly interview with Gayle King. We both thought Gayle was cool as a cucumber and channeling Oprah. We talk Luke Perry's untimely death at age 52. WE discuss horrible monster/manster Chris Watts and his freshly released interview with the cops and the new revelation that his daughter witnessed the murder of her sister and asked "You aren't going to do that to me Daddy? Then "NO DADDY." We wonder what is wrong with these hundreds of  freakazoid women that send him love notes and bikini shots. Also the weirdos that think mass murderer Ted Bundy was 'hot'. You will be happy (ha) to know Chris Watts found God. Amazing 99% do after committing heinous crimes. We also talk my docs appointment and Michelles upcoming trip to Hawaii. I'm so jealous. She will teach me to his though. 
Thanks to our faithful listeners. Next week we have an amazing woman on that tells us what is was like to be a dominatrix for five years and her new web series SWITCH, based on her experiences. Gonna be a goody.
Michelle and Grace

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