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We welcomed the lovely Marcella Raymond to our show last week. Marcella is a field reporter for WGN in Chicago.  Marcella posted a letter telling her she is too fat that she got from an anonymous "concerned"viewer on her Facebook page and it went viral. She talks about what its like to have so much attention on her, how she felt when it goes away, what its like being a field reporter. We even got an exclusive scoop due to the opening disappearing. Marcella was kind enough to do another opening and she told us she got a SECOND page!!  Wait till you hear what "Concerned Viewer"  added..Michelle thought perhaps it was an aspiring personal trainer. WE find out what profession this concerned viewer allegedly is in.. Marcella was open, funny and endearing. She is welcome back anytime. WE LOVED HER!! So will you. She also talks about her new book which sounds like it should be juicy read.. She will be on again to talk about her book. 

Thanks so much Marcella. You are smart, fun, and a great guest!!

You can see Marcella on WGN in Chicago. Follow her on facebook






My other podcast will be starting up soon. in the meantime check out some old shows at www.groovypodcast.com

Thanks again Marcella. Most of all thanks to our listeners. We love ya!!


Michelle and Grace




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