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We had a great chat with Author T Runyan about her article I found in Salon.com http://www.salon.com/2017/03/18/the-day-i-put-my-bikini-away/. It was so well written and so relatable to me that it transported me to my miserable teen years. Thats some kind of writing. T. tells us about growing up as a beach going California girl, feeling awkward until she put on a bikini. She was 5 ft  11 and never felt comfortable in her skin until she put on that magic bikini. With it on she felt she was just fine. She also noticed the power she had over men because of her body. She took in their   approving looks and felt validated. Michelle and I totally related.  We all discussed when we found out our fathers were men and not just dads. The awkwardness that sometimes occurs between a daughter and her dad when her body changes and that it must be weird for the fathers as well. One day T.was sunbathing in her backyard in one of her bikinis  and she felt like someone was looming over her. She looked up and saw her father at the window taking pictures of her. He said he was checking out how she was looking. It made her feel violated and uncomfortable and that was the day she put her bikini away. Its a great read. T is a delight. Again, it was like three girlfriends that have known each other for years, drinking coffee and chatting away. She is working on a memoir about her years in California and I for one can't wait to read it.

Thanks to T for being so open and honest and sharing that time with us. She was articulate and funny and a true delight. Of course we want her back on. 

Mostly we thank our listeners. I know we have not been as faithful in putting out our show weekly but thats changing. Hang in with us please. Like everything, podcasts evolve and we want to put out some great stuff for you. 

Thanks so much


Michelle and Grace


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