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Michelle and I talk about the 2 part HBO documentary Who Killed Garrett Phillips. It focuses on the main suspect Nick Hillary. Nick was black and he lived with 12 year old Garretts mom Tandy for a year, her other son and three of Nicks children lived with them as well. They broke up after a year because her kids did not like Nick, especially Garrett. He was getting a lot of teasing about his white mom living with a black man. Nick was one of the very few black people in the town of Potsdam, New York. He was a respected soccer coach at one of the universities. Garrett was murdered sometime between 440 and 520 pm. He was playing basketball and his mom called to tell him to come home.  The neighbors heard what sounded like a "No" or "Help" They called the police. When the cop got there he found Garrett barely breathing in his moms room. He died later that night. He was strangled. At first they thought it might have been an accidental strangling with other kids involved. The knock out game was popular then. Its when you strangle yourself to the point of near unconsciousness . Soon we meet Tandy's ex boyfriend cop John Jones, that she dumped for Nick. Tandy had a restraining order against Jones for fear he could hurt her or her children, he had also pushed her. He was also furious for being dumped by Tandy for a black man. It's a true whodunnit, it is still not known. We go over the theories, was Nick singled out because he was black. Or did he get away with murder.  We take you through the documentary. There is a chilling video you see in part 2. 


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