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I talked to Author Patrick C Byrne about his book Double Entendre: The Parallel Lives Of Mae West and Rae Bourbon. I had never heard of Rae Bourbon before Patrick contacted me. He was a fascinating guy, he was a female impersonator and was called The Lenny Bruce of Drag Queens. Rae was pretty outrageous in his day and his performances were raided by police many times. We talk his alleged sex change and his very tragic demise. Get to know Rae, what a character. What can I say about Mae. She was ahead of her time. Wrote a play called Sex and it was raided by the coppers as well. We talk her coming to Hollywood, her love life, her fascination with muscle men and lots more. I remember seeing Mae as a very young girl on some program when she was old Mae. She scared me. The plastic surgery, the hairpieces, the ancient white formal evening dress. Mae was very health conscious but did love her bon bons. We talked her later films, Sextette and Myra Beckingridge and wondered if Mae still thought she was the hot tamale she was in her youth. All in all it was a fun show. Patrick was a great guest. 

Thanks so much to Patrick for coming on the show...Finally.. We had tons of mishaps along the way but it was worth the wait. Patrick was fabu. The book is a great read!

Mostly thanks to the listeners. I will hopefully have my new website up for True Stories Of Tinseltown on Monday. I will also be posting the show Donnie and I did Monday. Lots of editing. EEEK!


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