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We had fun even though it was very early morning for our Michelle. She got up at 5 AM to do show, once again with her sultry vixen voice. I had been up since 5 EST so had 3 hours waking time on her. No sultry vixen voice from me. WE talked about lots of things. Are plus sized models unhealthy images as much as the ultra skinny models? Men sending shots of their erect penises to women they barely know. What do they think we would do?? The Donald and his latest news. It changes so fast we hit on things from just two weeks ago and his most recent tweets threatening Nuclear War with North Korea. Michelles anger at Disney removing their content from netflix and starting new channel. Her Grimms Fairy Tale of Shot versus Magic Mountain and much more!

Thanks to my partner in crime for being an early bird. Most thanks go to our listeners. Thanks for hanging in. Next week we start having wonderful, insightful guests again. Please keep listening. You can also follow us on our Facebook page www.Facebook.com/thebroadswaypage

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She is a wonderful writer on any subject you can imagine. She is a contributor to Huffing post and many other online mags


My other podcast page. We have not done a show in a while but will start again faithfully in September. We are making some changes. Stay tuned
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