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There was no Donny, No Al, No Curtis, No Ben. I thought that there would be no Kenny, but he arrived unscathed from being my co host the week before. We also had our producer George chiming in his very unique thoughts about both subjects. I hate the term adulting and I feel like slapping someone when I read someone using it. Adulting is millenial baby speak for growing up. This occurrence (growing up and living your life) has been happening since cave man days. Tony tried to explain to us the tender thoughts of the reluctant adults. Tony explained his mentoring and his javabud total website experience. He was fab. Also he has a podcast you must hear.He's great. 

Then we had my bud C.Brian Brown from Mel magazine on to discuss his article on catfishing. Catfishing is when someone  pretends they are someone else whilst trying to woo or swindle you . Brian had a year of it from a Belgian orphan, that turned out to be a swarthy middle aged man. We had all been fooled by someone. I had a man send me pics of himself probably from twenty years ago, and minus the two hundred pounds he had on him when I met him for a drink..Always the trooper I stayed and got properly kind of bombed. George got a pic and met the woman. He in his ever so gentle George way called her a rat faced woman with glasses. Such a charmer.. He did buy her dinner and Ms rat Face ordered steak. Kenny being the nicest of all of us had no bad stories to tell. I fear he will be another one of my disappearing co hosts. No more pastie or aureola talk from him. Brian was once again honest and adorable. 

Thanks to Tony and Brian for enduring Georges stream of conciousness questions and insight. You guys were great guests!!

Thanks to Kenny Ortega for being, smart, funny and sweet. Please don't leave me!!

Thanks to our lovely producer George Diaz talking about kumbaya and The Walking Dead. 

Thanks to my missing partner Al for building the joint. 

Mostly thanks to our listeners. Keep listening, we have some great guests coming up.




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