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The guys disappeared..ALL OF THEM. My BFF and psychic gal Gina stepped up to the plate and did a great job.

Jim was fabulous and we talked lots of great and scary stuff. We discussed phonecalls from beyond,  premonitions, Near Death experiences, specifically Dr. Eben Alexander III, who was a guest on Jims show. He is a neurosurgeon that did not believe in life beyond and thought NDE's were a reaction from the brain , not spiritual at all and what made him change his mind. We talked Jims scariest story about a haunted RoadHouse. Gina told us of her premonition of 9/11. We discussed reincarnation, especially the stories of children who can name names and places of the life they led before. Lots of great stuff. I know I totally enjoyed it and want Jim back on for more of his fab stories. You were great JIM!!

Thanks to my lovely BFF Gina for doing a fabulous job as co host.

Mostly Thanks so much to Jim Harold. He is a great guy and I highly recommend listening to his podcasts. Lots and Lots of great stuff there. Here is where you can find out about all his podcasts.


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And most of all thanks to you all that listen. We really try to bring fun and interesting guests for everybody. Today is a good one.
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