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We had a great time with our favorite broads Anne and Suzanne. We talked everything. Michelles first July 4th as an American citizen. Some Trump til Michelle shut me up. HA!! We talked weight, points, drinking, Suzannes daring journey into buying all sorts of undies. NO MORE GRANNY PANTIES!! Beyonce and Jay Z and their twins. Jay Z being a serial cheater and why should we care...We don't. Anne and my spiritual retreat where I still have bruises from her kicking me because she thought I was offending a nun, and lots more. We had fun and we were all a wee bit drunkiepoo except for our Canadian cutie Suzanne. We promised to show her how to drink. It was fun and we hope you enjoy our blather.

We want to thank Anne and Suzanne for being great broads and coming on the show. I want to tell my beautiful co-host Michelle to stay off the damn scale. Nothing good comes out of peeking at those numbers. 

And of course we mostly want to thank our listeners. Our summer schedules have been messed up so we try to shoot one out whenever possible.  Thanks so much hanging in and  for listening!! If you ever want to come on the show reach out to us on our Facebook page. Facebook.com/thebroadswaypage

Michelle and Grace


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