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We had the fabulous Sally Lauren back on. She is amazing and articulate. She is turning 18 soon (It made Michelle and I feel OLD). We both love  and admire her greatly. As Sally Lives in South Korea, Michelle in California and me in NYC trying to get a time we all could tape was not easy but our Sally was a trooper. She called in 9 AM her time and hadn't yet been to bed. You'd never know it. 

We talked nuke scares, pollution so bad where she lives that people have to wear surgical masks to leave her town, her future, politics, how white skin is highly treasured by South Korean women and the way they achieve it and so much more. She was great!! I highly recommend listening. She is a woman to watch out for. I have very positive feelings about how great her future will be, not only for herself but helping and inspiring others. 

Thanks so much to Sally. We shall definitely talk to her soon. I have a very warm spot in my heart for you!!

Mostly thanks to you, our listeners. I know a lot of you liked Sally a lot. Please listen. You'll like her even more..

Michelle and Grace

Sally is a very smart and thought provoking writer. You will enjoy her articles.
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