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We did it with just the two of us. Michelle is a trooper. She got up 530 AM to do this podcast. I had been up for hours and bad sleep. We are not the sharpest Broads but we talk a lot of different subjects.

We talked Health care, A movie coming on Netflix called To THe Bone, The Hunger author and her really compelling life and story. WE also talked about not having scales in our house. Michelles Hubby bought one a she could not resist going on. Our Michelle started saying she's big, shes not and the number on the scale horrofied her.  NO MORE SCALE. Michelle looks great. We talked a bit on Body dismorphia and so much more. Listen to the tired broads, Michelle sounds sultry...I sound like me. UGHHHH. The Rain In Spain Stays mainly in the Palain.. I need Enry Iggins. 


WE will be doing another one this weekend. Thanks to all you people that listen. This summer is weird for both of us but we will be back on our schedule once the kiddos are back to school. 

Michelle and Grace







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Again Thanks for listening..


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