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Our guest is Laura Martin and she was fab. Laura was such a good sport calling us at 10:30 pm from Thailand. We talked her website healing to happy and talked about services she provided. Laura has been through much of what her clients contact her about. Bulimia, depression, obsessive exercising, losing your period, and trigger words. It's amazing that in the eating disorder world, telling someone they look healthy, means fat. Laura helps with rewiring  negative thoughts. Since she has been on this journey herself, it makes her very easy for her clients to relate to. We ask Laura why Thailand?  Who are her clients and lots more. Three of us commiserate on body dysmorphia, which means seeing yourself either fatter or thinner then you are. We all see ourselves larger than we are. Unfortunately that seems the norm for women. We talk about developing bedtime routines to help with insomnia. We also talk clean eating and how to be healing to happy. 
Thanks so much to Laura for calling us past her bedtime. Don't tell anyone, but she was in her feety pajamas. HA!
Most thanks to our listeners. We are so happy you tune in.
Grace and Michelle 

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