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Donnie and I were reunited and it felt so good..Not only were we in the house so was our guest, writer Spencer Jones. She wrote an article on what its like to attend a Sex party in NYC. Yes, I read it and I thought what a great guest she'd be and I was right. We talk the do's and don'ts of applying to join the group. What its like inside the place and various different rooms. Spencer tells us about the symbian and whats its like to ride it. They put fresh plastic after each ride and you must wear a piece of clothing on your nether regions while you ride em cowgirl..Men, sorry, you need a woman with you to enter. Single men are a no no. They have rules and have monitors keeping an eye on the crowd to make sure things are AOK. You can not just watch a couple, you must ask permission. 
The funny part of the interview was Donny. He was NEVER so engaged with a guest. He introduced her by name, had actually READ the article I sent him and asked her most of the questions. He had popcorn and was chowing down like a monster hound in between words. He was leaning into Spencer the whole show and his face was beet red. I swear he was drooling. I truly think that was not a gun in his pocket and he was glad to see Spencer. I needed to hose that guy down. It was all in good fun as we three drank wine and laughed a lot. When Donnie left the room he pointed to me and him and said we are going with Spencer. He's a Donnie on a mission. Sex Party or bust..

Thanks so much to Spencer for coming on the show. You were wonderful. I'll post the article below..

Thanks so much to our listeners. We love you!
Donnie and Grace

Spencer's Article

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