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Michelle and I talk about the Showtime docuseries Murder In The Bayou. It is based on The New York Times Best selling book of the same name. It's about 8 unsolved murders in Jefferson Parish Louisiana. The Women are called The Jefferson 8.  The women were literally from the wrong side of the tracks. The train tracks split the poor and the upper middle class. It's like two different worlds. Each woman was a drug addict, sold their bodies for drugs and knew a man you'll get to know and be sickened by, Frankie Richard. He was a pimp, a crack addict and  real vile piece of human excrement.


Part 1 introduces us to the life of the first four victims and their deaths. WE see the poverty, the devastating toll of drug abuse and it is not an easy watch. These women came from horrible poverty and the majority of their parents were also addicted to drugs. A very vicious cycle. Stay with us as we recap the episodes and comment on the basic feeling that these women were dregs of society and who cares if they were murdered 


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Grace and Michelle










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