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We are back from a three week break..It actually seems longer and we explain why we were off during that time. We talk breast cancer and the importance of mammograms for early detection. Some breast cancers can't be felt during breast exam, that is why mammograms are lifesavers. We talk about Health insurance and the importance of having it, lumpectomy and radiation with 6 month check ups versus double mastectomy and rebuilding breasts. 

We also discuss Trumps decision to leave Paris Climate Agreement and Kathy Griffins very bad Trump joke. Tit for tat aint the way to go. 

Thanks to Michelle my belle for waking up at 445 AM to do show at 5 West Coast time. She did sound like a sultry vixen, whereas I just sounded like me..AGGHHH!!

Most thanks go to you, our listeners. Please hang in there. We have lots of good stuff to talk about. 

Michelle and Grace






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