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Today we spoke to Kate Chapman. Kate is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and stepparenting magazine. She has a blog  "this life in progress" and is a steparrenting coach. Kate has three children, she got divorced and eventually married a man with three children of his own. We find out (SHOCKING)that real life is not The Brady Bunch. We never did found out if any of them had hair of gold or if the youngest one is in curls. 


Kate talks  about navigating the wavy waters of blended families. She tells us why she does not discipline her step children, being a united front co parenting her children with her ex husband, enjoying the quiet weekend when its kids time at other parents. Kate is honest, articulate and very very wise. You will learn at lot about blended families and how just when you think you are getting it all together, each day there is another lesson to be learned. 


Thanks so much to Kate. She was wonderful. Good luck with the Chapman Bunch!!

Congrats to the beautiful Michelle for becoming an American Citizen this week!!!

Mostly, thanks to our listeners. You are the best!


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