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Michelle and I had a wonderful time talking to our FIRST male guest Comic Ben Rosenfeld. We had a great time. We talked Bud Sex, Sperm, Scary Russian Fairy tales. Mariah Careys New Years Eve boo boo and much more. 

Listen to our sweet innocent Michelle swoon as Ben speaks a few words of Russian to her. Needless to say we had a lot of fun talking to Ben. He is adorable!!!

Get Bens album The Russian Optimist. Also his coffee table book Russian Optimism which contains thirty of Russias most heart warming fairy tales...Actually they are not heartwarming. THEY are VERY DARK and not for the kiddies. Check out where Ben is performing and how you can get his merchandise. 



Thanks Michelle my belle, my lovely co host and to Ben for being a great sport and a lot of fun. Also to our listeners. You DA BEST!!




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