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f it was Janie and Erika would the Menendez Sisters still be in jail??

I speak to author Robert Rand about his book The Menendez Murders: The Shocking Untold Story Of The Menendez Family and the killings that stunned the nation. Robert told the facts in an unbiased way, late into the book do you see what he really believes. I highly recommend. 
Robert was there from day 1 so he is an encyclopedia of all things about The Menendez murders and brothers. There was a renewed interest in The Menendez Murders because of Law and Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders. Robert was a consultant for the show. Robert tells us of his visits with Lyle and Eriks Aunt Marta, and his meetings with both brothersbeforethey were arrested. He also spoke to them a lot when they were in jail. He even became a part of the story. Robert sat next to the famous crime writer Dominick Dunne during both trials.  Journey behind the scenes into one of the country's most famous crimes/trials and hear what happened after the trials ended. We talked a little over 2 hours so I broke them down to three parts. 
I want to thank Robert for being such a great guest. I learned so many new things.  
I want to thank the listeners. You are the best!
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