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I had such a wonderful time talking to Victoria Riskin, daughter of Fay Wray and screenwriter Robert Riskin. They both had amazing lives prior to meeting. Then incredible lives together.  Fay going with her sisters beau to Hollywood at FOURTEEN!. He was entrusted with Fays care. He had her living with a respectable family. Her mom made way to Fay after a psychic reading saying Fay was in trouble with guy. Fay was not delighted to have mom back, but still started doing silent movies in her teens. We talk King Kong. Fay had to scream for eight hours straight on a sound stage. Fay has been called the first scream queen. She was so much more then the babe King Kong fell in love with. She did a lot of horror type films, but she did a lot of other straight rolls. Her first husband was a trip. She was so young and so patient. Robert came to Hollywood after being a successful Broadway producer. He was screenwriter of so many films, Illicit, The Miracle Woman,  Ann Carvers profession (it starred Fay but they never met) , Mr Deeds Comes To Town, Meet John Doe, Lost Horizon and so many more. He had a long partnership with Frank Capra. He dated Carole Lombard and Glenda Farrell. Fay left her husband after many horrible stunts he pulled. He was an alcoholic and drug addict. He kidnapped their daughter twice. After their divorce he hung himself. She got involved with Clifford Odets but he wanted no part of marriage to Fay. A matchmaking pal set up Fay with Robert and the rest was history. There is so much we got too. We could have gone on longer. So much we didn't get to. The book is fabulous. It's a wonderful Hollywood memoir. 

Thanks so much to Victoria for coming on the show. She was fun and open. What stories. 

Mostly thanks to the listeners. You are the best.

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