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Yes, It's that time again. It's my second annual spooktacular Halloween show. Today I have The Ghost Guy, Tom Ogden and we discuss Haunted Hollywood. There seems to be a whole population of ghosts haunting their old stomping grounds. We discuss ghostly sightings of Marilyn Monroe, Montgomery Clift, Haunted Hotels, Clifton Webb, Peg Entwistle AKA The Hollywood sign girl and much more. I asked Tom a question that has puzzled me since the beginning, after being haunted by my sheet covered brothers and them saying boo. Why Boo?? Tom wasn't sure but he googled it for me. I'll link you to an answer. THere's gotta be more..

I hope you enjoy this podcast and my final spooktacular until next year. 

Thanks much to Tom Ogden. He was a fun guest. 

Thanks mostly to my listeners. I may have some news coming up about the podcast. Fingers crossed.






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Tom has written about twenty five ghost books for every region of The USA. 








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