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The fabulous 1motherblogger Kirsten Bosly came on for her second visit. She is such an incredible life force. She told us her horrible #MeToo story. It was raw and very graphic so be warned. She told it with her down to earth honesty. Kirsten does not mince words, thats part of what makes her so great. We also talked Kevin Spacey, his coming out because he was accused of molesting an actor when actor was only 14. We wondered what will now constitute sexual assault. Is it off limits or sexual harassment for a policeman to tell a woman she looked beautiful in the dress she was wearing? Ashley Judd thought so and got the guys badge number. We also asked Kirsten what her fellow Australians thought of Trump and the USA. We talked about her photo going viral and how she felt when it all died down. Michelle and I talked our long farewells at end of show. I can never say goodbye..I just can't quit her..and lots more..

We want to thank Kirsten for staying up late to chat with us from the land down under. You are so great. We love you and of course want you on with us again!

Most of all, we want to thank our fabulous listeners. Please keep tuning in. Lots of great guests coming up. 

Michelle and Grace

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