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We talked to Seth about an article I found on Longreads. I highly recommend you all read it https://longreads.com/?s=seth+davis. As he was on the show, in the article he was honest, sensitive and as much as it was heartbreaking it was beautifully written and really made you feel what he felt. Thats a great writer. He has told me he would gladly come on again to discuss other topics. We will definitely have him on again. He is a very sweet soul. 

I was running on no sleep. I'm sorry I was not at my best. Michelle and Seth picked up the show and I really feel its an important topic and for people in similar situations, you will feel you are not alone. For those who have not had to deal with this you will learn a lot.

We want to thank Seth for coming on and sharing his story. He was great. 

Most of all we thank our loyal listeners. You all are the best!

Michelle and Grace


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Today Anabelle Bernard Fournier of the blog http://www.thestoryofa.com returns to the show. Anabelle was our first brave guest and I really loved that show. We discussed her article "YouMay Be A Slut and Don't know it" among many other topics. If you havent heard it I highly recommend it. 

We discussed her article about Why she writes about sex. We talked when is too young for sex education. Sex ED Versus violent movies, tv, and video games. Why  is  violence always more acceptable then sex. Go figure. 

We talked about politics and what is going on in our world, how we are regressing, and truly feeling the  A bomb may actually be deployed. SCARY STUFF..

We also talked The Thought Police and Ani told us a pretty scary scenerio. 

We were a trio of Hardy Broads plugging through show.. Michelles daughter was home sick and wanted to join our discussion one way or another (Michelle does not have a nanny). Annabelle had pretty much just woken up, and I was sick with stomach virus with barf bag at my side. We soldiered on. 

We discussed much more. It was very nice speaking to Ani again. She is a great and provacative writer. There is so much to discuss there.

Thanks to Anabelle for breaking into her slumber to join us. Also our Michelle doing the show while keeping little poopsie doop occupied and me for not barfing on tape. 

Most of all we thank you, our listeners. Keep coming back please..

Michelle and Grace


Anis first show with us. 


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Today we spoke to Kate Chapman. Kate is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and stepparenting magazine. She has a blog  "this life in progress" and is a steparrenting coach. Kate has three children, she got divorced and eventually married a man with three children of his own. We find out (SHOCKING)that real life is not The Brady Bunch. We never did found out if any of them had hair of gold or if the youngest one is in curls. 


Kate talks  about navigating the wavy waters of blended families. She tells us why she does not discipline her step children, being a united front co parenting her children with her ex husband, enjoying the quiet weekend when its kids time at other parents. Kate is honest, articulate and very very wise. You will learn at lot about blended families and how just when you think you are getting it all together, each day there is another lesson to be learned. 


Thanks so much to Kate. She was wonderful. Good luck with the Chapman Bunch!!

Congrats to the beautiful Michelle for becoming an American Citizen this week!!!

Mostly, thanks to our listeners. You are the best!


Michelle and Grace



Where you can read more Kate.

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Al and I talked to ex NEW YORK POST film critic Lou Lumenick. We talked him being into flicks as a kid. His love of working on programming specials.The first movie his mom ever took him to. He was a guest programmer on TCM, introduced film at TCM Film Festival, met my comfort man Robert Osborne and of course we talked lots of movies. Lou was fun and open and knows everything about movies. Part 2 of Lou will be on next week.


Thanks so much to Lou. He was such a great guy and guest.

Thanks to my pal AL and our lovely producer George.

Mostly thanks to you our listeners. You're the best! Enjoy the listen. If you have any qyuestions for Lou, you can get in touch with me at Grace@thegroovypodcast.com


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The guys disappeared..ALL OF THEM. My BFF and psychic gal Gina stepped up to the plate and did a great job.

Jim was fabulous and we talked lots of great and scary stuff. We discussed phonecalls from beyond,  premonitions, Near Death experiences, specifically Dr. Eben Alexander III, who was a guest on Jims show. He is a neurosurgeon that did not believe in life beyond and thought NDE's were a reaction from the brain , not spiritual at all and what made him change his mind. We talked Jims scariest story about a haunted RoadHouse. Gina told us of her premonition of 9/11. We discussed reincarnation, especially the stories of children who can name names and places of the life they led before. Lots of great stuff. I know I totally enjoyed it and want Jim back on for more of his fab stories. You were great JIM!!

Thanks to my lovely BFF Gina for doing a fabulous job as co host.

Mostly Thanks so much to Jim Harold. He is a great guy and I highly recommend listening to his podcasts. Lots and Lots of great stuff there. Here is where you can find out about all his podcasts.


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And most of all thanks to you all that listen. We really try to bring fun and interesting guests for everybody. Today is a good one.
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Today we had as special guests Anne and our biggest supporter Suzanne. We talked Michelles Article "Just Wear The Lingerie" We discussed men not checking out your cellulite in the heat of the moment. Shake those insecurities and your booty in some Fredericks Of Hollywood va va va voom undies (Victorias Secret if preferred). We talked undies and what kind we like, why you should not wait for some "special day" to wear your fancy pants. Wear them today, becauser every day is special! We talked about Michelles Masturbation article. She asks why women do not freely discuss masturbation , where men will gladly mention "beating off'. We discussed pepsi commercial, United Airlines Brutality to poor guy getting kicked off plane, Michelle becoming an American citizen next week (YAY) and mucho more. 

Thanks so Much to my big sister Anne. Please wear your nice undies...Don't wait..

Thanks to our favorite listener Suzanne!! Thanks for sending me the good luck spork and candy!!

Mostly thanks to you our listeners!! Please keep hanging in there!!


Michelle and Grace








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We had a great chat with Author T Runyan about her article I found in Salon.com http://www.salon.com/2017/03/18/the-day-i-put-my-bikini-away/. It was so well written and so relatable to me that it transported me to my miserable teen years. Thats some kind of writing. T. tells us about growing up as a beach going California girl, feeling awkward until she put on a bikini. She was 5 ft  11 and never felt comfortable in her skin until she put on that magic bikini. With it on she felt she was just fine. She also noticed the power she had over men because of her body. She took in their   approving looks and felt validated. Michelle and I totally related.  We all discussed when we found out our fathers were men and not just dads. The awkwardness that sometimes occurs between a daughter and her dad when her body changes and that it must be weird for the fathers as well. One day T.was sunbathing in her backyard in one of her bikinis  and she felt like someone was looming over her. She looked up and saw her father at the window taking pictures of her. He said he was checking out how she was looking. It made her feel violated and uncomfortable and that was the day she put her bikini away. Its a great read. T is a delight. Again, it was like three girlfriends that have known each other for years, drinking coffee and chatting away. She is working on a memoir about her years in California and I for one can't wait to read it.

Thanks to T for being so open and honest and sharing that time with us. She was articulate and funny and a true delight. Of course we want her back on. 

Mostly we thank our listeners. I know we have not been as faithful in putting out our show weekly but thats changing. Hang in with us please. Like everything, podcasts evolve and we want to put out some great stuff for you. 

Thanks so much


Michelle and Grace



Today we talked to Vanessa Bates Ramirez about Cougars..GRRRRRROOOOWWWWL. Why are women called cougars while old cooters get nothing said to them if they date 20 years old. Why is it not that way for women. Its ridiculous. Vanessa tells us her romantic story, its kind of like the movie Last Night IN Paris, except it wasnt just a night and it was not in Paris. They both lied about their age which was not a huge difference and why she was compelled to lie about it. We talk about how amazing it is to make such a great connection. Even if it turns out being only two days its a memory of something beautiful. 

Vanessa has started a new blog. She has three essays on there for now, including the one we speak about today

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Which stands for Around The World In Eighty Dates. 






Thanks so much to Vanessa, this was her first podcast and she came off like a pro. Mostly thanks to our audience. Don't give up on us. We are revamping the podcast and it should be fun! Thanks for listening.

Michelle and Grace



Al was there after a long journey into the unknown. Something tells me like my other co hosts he will be a mystery once again next week. Our lovely producer George joined us even though he was near death. Sitting across from him I just wanted to give him some kleenex and chicken soup and tell him to go nighty night. What a trooper!! 
Al went into all women are alike rant while George and I listened. We talked the I LOVE TRUMP TRUCK THAT PLAYS COUNTRY DITTYS AS IT CRUISES AROUNd Manhattan.  Nothing Says New York City quite like Conway Twitty. MAGA!!
Richard kindly called in and explained his clairvoyance classes and Chakras. We found out there are too many Chakras and too little time for descriptions on the podcast. We talked man hands then frosty chicks, courtesy of our millennial curmudgeon Curtis. We found out who we were in some of our past lives. There was a beautiful love story because apparently AL and I had once been in love!!!! I ended up croaking and he went crazy...So beautiful..I'm tearing up now.. Listen in for a perfectly timed, but unbeknownst to George, incredibly loud toilet flush.  To sum it all up fun was had by all. 

Thanks to Richard for bravely coming on our show. He's a good soul.
Thanks To our lovely and very ill producer George. I hope he is now in his nighty nights and snoring away.
Thanks to my former husband AL. It was great to see that Al mug of his. 
Thanks to our millennial Curmudgeon Curtis, who I was ready to send to his next life. Mean young Coot!!

And of course mostly to our listeners. Thanks for tuning in. I love youse all!!

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We talked all things Millenial. Social media, relationships. Sort of everything you may or may not want to know about millenials but were afraid to ask or did not care to know. Tony was a great guy and we loved talking to him. He also has a podcast. 


Tony Dufresne.. 


www.javabud.com is the one stop to get all things Tony. 


Thanks Tony. Thanks to our listeners for hanging in. 


Grace and Michelle