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The Broads welcomed the gorgeous freelance writer Carita Rizzo. Michelle first spotted Carita after reading her article on being the other woman. She related big time so we asked Carita to come in to discuss her article and much more. Carita is living in Paris and she sounded like she's in the same room. We talked about her article, taking off socks, divorce, bad choices we all made and why we think we made them, fear of commitment, living the fantasy versus reality. Is it better (and safer) to have someone love you more then you love them and much more..  Carita was open and fun and we'd have loved to be sipping Bordeaux with her at an outdoor cafe in France..We will be having Carita back on show to talk about book she is writing about life after divorce. It will be a very compelling read..

Carita's article

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I have not posted a new show in a while because there has been no new show. We are going through a name change, new studio and prepping for it all. I promise it will be a fun show. We will be taping our first show on September 25th and have a very fun guest scheduled. There will be a new website and facebook page as well. I'll keep you posted..

We thank Carita Rizzo for coming on the show and being so honest. We loved her! So sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee or if its the cocktail hour a yummy glass of Bordeaux..

Most of all we thank our listeners. We love you all! Keep on listening for more honest chatting.

Michelle and Grace


We welcomed the lovely Marcella Raymond to our show last week. Marcella is a field reporter for WGN in Chicago.  Marcella posted a letter telling her she is too fat that she got from an anonymous "concerned"viewer on her Facebook page and it went viral. She talks about what its like to have so much attention on her, how she felt when it goes away, what its like being a field reporter. We even got an exclusive scoop due to the opening disappearing. Marcella was kind enough to do another opening and she told us she got a SECOND page!!  Wait till you hear what "Concerned Viewer"  added..Michelle thought perhaps it was an aspiring personal trainer. WE find out what profession this concerned viewer allegedly is in.. Marcella was open, funny and endearing. She is welcome back anytime. WE LOVED HER!! So will you. She also talks about her new book which sounds like it should be juicy read.. She will be on again to talk about her book. 

Thanks so much Marcella. You are smart, fun, and a great guest!!

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Thanks again Marcella. Most of all thanks to our listeners. We love ya!!


Michelle and Grace





Michelle and I had planned to do an end of summer show. Adios, Ciao, See ya later Summer. WE ended up doing this show literally after a ten minute lets do it. 

Michelle forgot she saw her parents for a week in Canada, She also strolled naked on a beach..JK..She strolled sans beach rap. Own your body! She was on the home front busy with her stepson and daughter Natasha and helping with the family company. She also nearly had heat stoke because she has no AC. Ugh  Also our writing vixen, just kept on writing.  She is my kinda Wonder Woman and definitely not a wimp. All this in a heat wave with NO AC!!

My fave thing was going on retreat with my sister. The Brother (Kind of like a monk) that gave 5 lessons was nice but bloviated to much for me. I met so many lovely women, and some were nuns that are just women too. I talk my usual talk and my sister would kick me if she thought I was out of place, I gather she thought i was too honest for their holy nun ears. My thing is Nuns are people too so I talk to them like people. I still have the bruises. My sister then discusses with group how if she was alone with Donald Trump she wants to beat him up..I didn't kick her leg. I found out The Brother believed  ALL men and woman should be married to God, hence his lovely wedding band. God sure is married to  a lot of peeps. My end of retreat was nice because we met my other sister and chowed down and drank wine. Nothing like kicking back with my big sisters. 

We talked Louise Linton, elitist spoiled brat wife of Steve Gnuchin and her let them eat cake Instagram post. She named all the designers and basically played the I'm so rich and you're not game. They flew to Fort Knox And stood on Roof watching Eclipse. What an entitled thing to do.  What do you wanna bet they were sipping champagne? You should check out her acting reel. Meryl Streep does not have to watch her back. 

Game of Thrones. Michelle told me I did not HAVe To watch it. Really. HA..At the end I heard Michelle talking to someone that I did not hear. Boo! It was random computer lady. Plus more that I forgot. I think it was a ghost in the computer. Why Not??

We laughed, we danced, we had tea, we pondered. WE practiced our mashed potato..WE braided each others hair. Its a fast and easy listen. 

Thanks to My Belle for being the best co host ever.
And mostly Thanks to our listeners. keep hanging in., Who loves ya baby. 


My other podcast will be back in two weeks. I'll let you know

Michelle and Grace

I'm trying to get the shows closer to the words, I'll get it dammit. 


Our Second Show Of Season 2 was a lot of fun. We had activist and healer Angie Love (how I love that Love) Ward on and we discussed her group of activists she meets with once a month, her kids, her marriages, her absolutely beautiful curly hair, health care, marriage, having SIX kids, divorce and all those lovely things, Then switched gears talking would we ever want a big old Kardashian butt. Michelle pondered if butt would have cellulite and lumps. I was happy I have a small booty and Angie was a ??? We talked women wearing pretend engagement and wedding rings at work to avoid sexual harassment and we all knew if someone is determined to be an oinker, wearing a ring doesnt matter. Moral Dilemma Question, Would We Tell Our Sister If The Fiancee she loved was cheating on her..We did have to ponder..

Thanks To Angie. It was her first podcast and she was fab. She had also just had surgery 2 days before. You can find her @angieloveward on twitter. 

Thanks to Michelle My Belle Love, love those loves, for being such a great broad and co host.

Most of all we thank our listeners. Hang in there, we have some great guests coming on..
Michelle and Grace

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Michelles daughter and stepson are back in school so we were free to blab. I had my health issue to deal with. Now all seems full steam ahead for our show. 

We took off running with season 2 of the Broad's Way Podcast with our first guest, Kristie Overstreet, who is a clinical sexologist, licensed professional clinical counselor, certified Sex therapist, licensed mental health counselor, & board certified transgender care therapist among many other things. We asked is it ever too early to let your child become their true sex wrapped in the wrong body. She helps medical people on how to treat a transgender patient. Number 1 being respectfully. We also talk her books. We love the name "FIX YOURSELF FIRST" Its been said by many and known by many yet still women AND men don't do that. To get the love you want and deserve you must value who you are as a person. We also talked about cheaters and is there a certain pattern to look for.  Alternate lifestyles and much more. We blabbed on and we have much more to talk to Dr Kristie about. She was a delight and we know you'll enjoy her.

Thanks so much to Dr Kristie Overstreet PHD
You can read more about her and see her on youtube here. I advise you to check her out. She's great





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Mostly we want to thank our faithful listeners. WE love YOUSE ALL !!!!  Stay tuned. 

Michelle and Grace


We had fun even though it was very early morning for our Michelle. She got up at 5 AM to do show, once again with her sultry vixen voice. I had been up since 5 EST so had 3 hours waking time on her. No sultry vixen voice from me. WE talked about lots of things. Are plus sized models unhealthy images as much as the ultra skinny models? Men sending shots of their erect penises to women they barely know. What do they think we would do?? The Donald and his latest news. It changes so fast we hit on things from just two weeks ago and his most recent tweets threatening Nuclear War with North Korea. Michelles anger at Disney removing their content from netflix and starting new channel. Her Grimms Fairy Tale of Shot versus Magic Mountain and much more!

Thanks to my partner in crime for being an early bird. Most thanks go to our listeners. Thanks for hanging in. Next week we start having wonderful, insightful guests again. Please keep listening. You can also follow us on our Facebook page www.Facebook.com/thebroadswaypage

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We did a very impromptu show. I text Michelle and said want to do a quick one and so we did. We talked Trump, Healthcare, Michelles first trip to Canada after becoming an American citizen. Monica Lewinsky writing a piece for Vanity Fair about JZs infidelity. I had a glass of wine and pondered. We talked about the upcoming season of our podcast. ​We wondered if the Japanese first lady shunned Trump by pretending she couldn't talk English or did Trump shun her, to Russia with love, new shows we want to watch on netflix, Michelles stepson being in my neck of the woods and my great visit with my nephews and gaining an honorary nephew. I'm the cool and groovy Aunt. Love those guys and more..

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Thanks most of all to our listeners. You are the cats meow!!

Michelle and Grace


We had a great time with our favorite broads Anne and Suzanne. We talked everything. Michelles first July 4th as an American citizen. Some Trump til Michelle shut me up. HA!! We talked weight, points, drinking, Suzannes daring journey into buying all sorts of undies. NO MORE GRANNY PANTIES!! Beyonce and Jay Z and their twins. Jay Z being a serial cheater and why should we care...We don't. Anne and my spiritual retreat where I still have bruises from her kicking me because she thought I was offending a nun, and lots more. We had fun and we were all a wee bit drunkiepoo except for our Canadian cutie Suzanne. We promised to show her how to drink. It was fun and we hope you enjoy our blather.

We want to thank Anne and Suzanne for being great broads and coming on the show. I want to tell my beautiful co-host Michelle to stay off the damn scale. Nothing good comes out of peeking at those numbers. 

And of course we mostly want to thank our listeners. Our summer schedules have been messed up so we try to shoot one out whenever possible.  Thanks so much hanging in and  for listening!! If you ever want to come on the show reach out to us on our Facebook page. Facebook.com/thebroadswaypage

Michelle and Grace


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We did it with just the two of us. Michelle is a trooper. She got up 530 AM to do this podcast. I had been up for hours and bad sleep. We are not the sharpest Broads but we talk a lot of different subjects.

We talked Health care, A movie coming on Netflix called To THe Bone, The Hunger author and her really compelling life and story. WE also talked about not having scales in our house. Michelles Hubby bought one a she could not resist going on. Our Michelle started saying she's big, shes not and the number on the scale horrofied her.  NO MORE SCALE. Michelle looks great. We talked a bit on Body dismorphia and so much more. Listen to the tired broads, Michelle sounds sultry...I sound like me. UGHHHH. The Rain In Spain Stays mainly in the Palain.. I need Enry Iggins. 


WE will be doing another one this weekend. Thanks to all you people that listen. This summer is weird for both of us but we will be back on our schedule once the kiddos are back to school. 

Michelle and Grace







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Again Thanks for listening..



ON this show we talk about sex..or mostly the dudes do. Testosterone took over the room. I did have a mustache after leaving that show and had a sudden urge to bang twins. WE talk groupies, Donnies new 25 year old girlfriend, soulmates for a bit with the lovely Judith Costa that was sweet enough to call in for a few while sitting in her car. It basically was a tell all kind of like penthouse forum show with George calling me a prude. I'm just a spinster schoolmarm. WE also pondered advice both George and I were given, to find someone that loves you more then you love them. Is that really the way to go or just protection from getting your heart broken..

Thanks to Judith for coming on with so much short notice. She is truly a doll.

Thanks to my sweet and talented friend Donnie for coming in to guest host. Who loves ya baby?? ME....And your 25 year old babe..

Also thanks to our producer George with his tales of twins, choking and so much more. He now knows not only am I prude but I'm gangsta!! George will be taking his show on the road soon. 

I'd highly recommend anyone in New York City area to check Donnie out at Bar 9 in Manhattan. The show is called dueling pianos. Donnie is a fabulous entertainer.

My compadres from our podcast network have many fabulous shows. Check them out.

Our lovely Judith
twitter: JudithCosta@JudithCosta2

Great shows nightly. Say hey to Al and George

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