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This show is the first after Al and my divorce became final. Thankfully our producer George was there with the kleenex and support, although he was mighty quiet when we were discussing Fun With Dying...EEEEEEEKKK!! We learned a lot about the other side. Don't despair if you never got to see some of your fave singers in concert. Roberta gives us a total rock and roll, scooby dooby doo, scadooby dooby Heaven lineup even bigger then The Righteous Brothers told us about. You will also finally learn the truth to the question that has been on millions of minds "Is Elvis really dead" and do we get to eat in Heaven and do we need toilet paper. We get answers on these and many other important fun with dying issues.

Our next guest was the lovely Empath Stephanie. We discuss what an empath actually is. Why there are people with NO empathy. Is it possible to have TOO MUCH empathy and much more. 

Thanks to Roberta and Stephanie for being there my first show after my divorce...sniff, sniff..You both were sweller then swell...

Thanks to my lovable lug and producer George for sitting in. 

Thanks to sound guy Ben. So glad to have you back..We loves ya baby!!

Roberta's website..Loads to read and check out her books

You can find the lovely Stephanie at

Lots of great podcasts from my BWRN cohorts

My other podcast

Most thanks to you that listen. Changes are a brewing on the horizon now that Al and I are divorced. Stay tuned!!


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