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WE had the fabulous Dr Kristie Overstreet on again to discuss a bit of everything. She has reissued her book Fix YOURSELF First:25 To Stop Ruining Your Relationship. We discussed some of its chapters topics. How to say no. Should be easy but NO its not for some people. We can write NO NO NO but it just aint the same. We also discussed how we can get our partners to listen to us (GET TO THE POINT!...Sound familiar??),  how we must own what we do, the victim mentality, what is OK or not to say to women. Can you say you look pretty?? If tell men that I like their shirt, or their haircut, or if they look particularly cute that day, does that make me a harasser?? We discussed so much, even mean people on elevators and McDonalds. There's something for everyone... Kristie is so great and our favorite southern belle.  We love her. She is a really wonderful guest and person. 

Thanks so much to Kristie for coming on the show again. She is warm, wise and an all around great woman. 

Mostly thanks to our listeners. Our next episode will be our big old 50. Time goes fast. We so appreciate you all. 

Michelle and Grace


You can find Kristie at

Kristie Overstreet  PhD, LMHC, LPCC, LPC, CST, CAP
Clinical Sexologist & Psychotherapist
Transgender Healthcare Dignity Model Training & Certification Program
Author of Fix Yourself First:  25 Tips to Stop Ruining Your Relationship
Therapy Department
18821 Delaware St Suite 208
Huntington Beach, CA
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