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ON this show we talk about sex..or mostly the dudes do. Testosterone took over the room. I did have a mustache after leaving that show and had a sudden urge to bang twins. WE talk groupies, Donnies new 25 year old girlfriend, soulmates for a bit with the lovely Judith Costa that was sweet enough to call in for a few while sitting in her car. It basically was a tell all kind of like penthouse forum show with George calling me a prude. I'm just a spinster schoolmarm. WE also pondered advice both George and I were given, to find someone that loves you more then you love them. Is that really the way to go or just protection from getting your heart broken..

Thanks to Judith for coming on with so much short notice. She is truly a doll.

Thanks to my sweet and talented friend Donnie for coming in to guest host. Who loves ya baby?? ME....And your 25 year old babe..

Also thanks to our producer George with his tales of twins, choking and so much more. He now knows not only am I prude but I'm gangsta!! George will be taking his show on the road soon. 

I'd highly recommend anyone in New York City area to check Donnie out at Bar 9 in Manhattan. The show is called dueling pianos. Donnie is a fabulous entertainer.

My compadres from our podcast network have many fabulous shows. Check them out.

Our lovely Judith
twitter: JudithCosta@JudithCosta2

Great shows nightly. Say hey to Al and George

My chickcentricpodcast but for everyone

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