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Al was there after a long journey into the unknown. Something tells me like my other co hosts he will be a mystery once again next week. Our lovely producer George joined us even though he was near death. Sitting across from him I just wanted to give him some kleenex and chicken soup and tell him to go nighty night. What a trooper!! 
Al went into all women are alike rant while George and I listened. We talked the I LOVE TRUMP TRUCK THAT PLAYS COUNTRY DITTYS AS IT CRUISES AROUNd Manhattan.  Nothing Says New York City quite like Conway Twitty. MAGA!!
Richard kindly called in and explained his clairvoyance classes and Chakras. We found out there are too many Chakras and too little time for descriptions on the podcast. We talked man hands then frosty chicks, courtesy of our millennial curmudgeon Curtis. We found out who we were in some of our past lives. There was a beautiful love story because apparently AL and I had once been in love!!!! I ended up croaking and he went crazy...So beautiful..I'm tearing up now.. Listen in for a perfectly timed, but unbeknownst to George, incredibly loud toilet flush.  To sum it all up fun was had by all. 

Thanks to Richard for bravely coming on our show. He's a good soul.
Thanks To our lovely and very ill producer George. I hope he is now in his nighty nights and snoring away.
Thanks to my former husband AL. It was great to see that Al mug of his. 
Thanks to our millennial Curmudgeon Curtis, who I was ready to send to his next life. Mean young Coot!!

And of course mostly to our listeners. Thanks for tuning in. I love youse all!!

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